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Vijay Mirani – Chairman

Vijay Mirani is the Chairman and Founder of vMansionss and holds a BMS, LLB and MBA degree from Mumbai University. He has nurtured it to be one of the leading real estate firms in the country. He started his career at the age of 19, working under renowned real estate firm – Castles developers & estate consultants – but was quick in realizing his own talents and decided to make best use of his identity. With his meticulous planning and dynamic leadership, the company today has moved from strength to strength with remarkable growth.
Non- profit engagement
Vijay Mirani has always endeavored to work for the betterment of the society. His association with Lion's club of SOL drives in achieving lasting improvement in the quality of the deprived through a process that identities opportunities & build LEADERSHIP & PROMOTES MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN.


Nand Kumar Mirani – Md

Nand Kumar Mirani is the Managing Director of vMansionss and holds a Bcom, CA and LLB degree. He is also a lawyer and a consultant with various financial institutions and banks. His vast expertise is an asset to the firm as he handles all the legal and title documents. He is currently the binding factor of the firm and a source of inspiration everyday.
“ They say partnership are all about seeing the other person’s viewpoint. At vMansionss, we take a certain pride in our vision & insight of your would . In vMansionss every client is our partner in success. Which is why, we put your needs and demands first. Helping you to enjoy a high life while your investment reaches new heights.”


Jacky Narwani - Strategy Planner

Real estate is seeing a boom in the present times and we are seeing a sea change in the demands and expectations of the clients. Every need and the budget varies as per individual requirements. We at vMansionss understand this and thus cater to any need. We have an extraordinary team of people who are empowered to deliver the best deals. We strongly believe in team work and attribute our success to a team oriented work etthic and collaborative attitude. Jacky Narwani is a real estate marketing specialist having an apt knowledge about the real estate segment. He specialises in providing best deals in the western suburb area.